How do I know I am in LOVE

April 10, 2010 4:46am CST
You may think this funny, but i have been trying just know what love is and how to know I am in love with somebody, but it has not been possibly. now what i want you to do for me is to tell me the kind of feeling one will have when in love.
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• China
11 Apr 10
For me, it's a feeling that, you can't help thinking about him/her every minute. You do everything related with him/her. You care about him/her and wanna see him/her, but when you really see him/her, you may not say one word. Just for me. Good luck! Have a guy who love you too!
• United States
10 Apr 10
well put it this way, it isnt very hard to tell weather or not your in love. Its just a feeling you get, it kind of makes your heart sing or stop period. You get these hardcore butterflies in your stomach that make you feel like your going to puke. Its a feeling of being scared and speechless and happy all at once that is impossible to stop. That is how you can tell your in love
@diamania (7037)
• Netherlands
10 Apr 10
Being in love is when you think a lot about a woman/man, in this example I will presume that you're a man. You can barely stop thinking about her, you fantasize about her, you get this strange feeling when you do it, some people brag about it with their friends, or they ask their friends whether they can close the deal for them.