Business or employment?

April 10, 2010 7:55am CST
Business or employment are the two sections in your life as a professional to cope up with. Business is where you invest a money to build a store of different kinds of entities and hire many distributor for your store. It is the way to interact with other people by trading products to money and vice versa. While employment is where you are under your boss, obeying all his commands and rules for better salary. It is usually an 8 hour work everyday. Employment depends on the degree you've finished during you're college life. I am a third year college student. and a half year hopefully i will graduate. What field in life will i going to be with? Business or Employment? Where can i earn money to meet all my dreams?
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@pa_lom4 (161)
• Indonesia
19 Apr 10
Hello teito I prefer to be both, as a business and employee Because I can have 2 salary LOL I still working in company and I have my own business, so if I lose one of that I still have a back up for my financial.
@zim1fW (286)
• Philippines
18 Apr 10
That depends actually on your aptitude as a person. Working in something you are not good at will make your life miserable and your income may not be worth it. Business is generally a better option than employment because business owners got the better slice of the companies income. But going into business will not be that easy because there many things you need to BE first, not just to HAVE. In the BE, you need to know how to manage a business operation, be effective in bringing in business, and great at serving your customers. And you cannot learn that in school. You need a hands-on experience to get that know-how. In the HAVE, you need a capital to ensure that the business runs smoothly until it starts to gain more than it pays out for its operations. So for starters, I believe employment is the better option unless you have parents who a business where you can learn the realities of running a business. Just make sure you gain as much knowhow as you can if you want to go into business, and also save enough money to finance your venture.
@visijay32 (447)
• Philippines
18 Apr 10
For starters, be an employee first because you have a source of active income where you can pay your bills; however, it is through business that a person can become rich. One must look for ways to have the passive income (source of income that you do not have to work for because your money is doing all the work for you. If you already have a business idea do explore about it learn the ways of your business as early as today. I envy you because you have been thinking about going to business when during my time we were taught to prepare of being an employee.
• Indonesia
13 Apr 10
To be an amployee you masut have skill, but to be an entrepreneur is not enough just with the skill. You must also have experience, a strong will, and of course money. For someone with academic backgrounds as you are doing now, it's better to practice the theory that you got in college, so you can get the experience. And become an employee is one of the many ways to practice the theory. Nowdays, not a few of the entrepreneurs who have giant companies used to work as an employee, until finally they felt had enough skill, experience and money to build their own business.
@klipjobs (24)
• Indonesia
12 Apr 10
we can look at it like that, especially in view of academia. but I think the way it is the view of simplifying the problem. of course, a time we could intervene in the business, and the same time do, or do it in our way home to get permission to do that. may the zlord who will determine our destiny right where we can work according to our potential and abilities. lucky if we can reach a state according to the dream we've ever experienced.