Devbux down "temporarily", olebux didn't pay yet...

@slovenc1 (2091)
April 10, 2010 9:54am CST
Hi myloters since yesterday devbux that i had little hope for is down. Olebux didn't pay me for 15 days and probably won't(they say they pay in 10), a while back upbux went down(the only one i invested in). For some strange reason i can't login to neobux from my pc but i can from other pcs so i can't click everyday. There's also earnbux where i didn't reach 4$ payout yet and paidtoyoutube(probably won't pay). The only good program for me now is easyhits4you and have recieved 12$ so far. I have 20000+ credits there but i won't spend them on my site because it's about making money and i have nothing to promote other than easyhits. My adsense account was deleted when i reached payout 80$(took me 3 years). How are you doing. Did you get money from paidtoyoutube or or devbux or ole bux. Are there any good ptc's arround these days, i've heard about snbux did anyone earn there? Have a great day people.
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10 Apr 10
Devbux is down forever.. their host delete their site on host.. I know admin very well and he is very sorry for that . :( I wish u good earning anyway on other site.
• United States
10 Apr 10
i just started neobux and gagabux. use me as a referral for gagabux: HAWAIIxOAHUx