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@allknowing (75685)
April 11, 2010 2:04am CST
Do you take care to see that none of the discussions initiated by you or responses given lower the reputation/dignity of myLot? I came across a discussion which discusses what one does in a toilet with no holds barred!! Are such discussions necessary here? Is there any provision in the guidelines to report abuse of such discussions/responses?
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@Sandra1952 (6052)
• Spain
11 Apr 10
You can report any discussion as abuse, but in this case I think it's a case of you just don't like what's being posted, which is different. I reported a man because he posted pictures of his anatomy - that was abuse. Talking about the toilet may seem like abuse to you, but I doubt if mylot would see it that way. If I see a disussion I don't like, I just bypass it, unless it's really offensive. I'd rather spend my time answering the posts I do like than reporting the ones I don't like.
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@petersum (4525)
• United States
11 Apr 10
Did anyone read anything? A link would have been useful. Personally, I get a lot of inspiration from the peace and quiet of the bathroom. I once had a friend who claimed that his diet was so finely tuned that he only needed the bathroom once a week. I thought he was missing out on one of life's more fulfilling activities. Everyone does it so why can't we talk about it. Hmmm... I was going to add "tastefully" but that doesn't seem quite appropriate!
• Netherlands
11 Apr 10
(LOL) I really think this proves that freedom of speech isn't working out without any ethical restrictions in a first place. But hey, maybe it was meant as a joke?
@benny128 (3621)
11 Apr 10
well these are the types of discussion which I would class in the same unmbrella as the what is your fav colour type discussion's. Discussions which have no quality or add no benefit to mylot or the community at large. People may dis-agree with me, but I not sure I would even waste 20 seconds of my life replying to something like that. But I guess lots of different kinds of people on this site some more crude than others.
11 Apr 10
I think if you see something you dont like then dont read it!!Nobody is making you.All eople have different interests and opinions.
@pierone (1895)
• Italy
11 Apr 10
Oh, I guess these kind of discussions are exactly the "quality discussions" claimed in the guidelines ;) And for sure, is much more useful for our life exchange ideas or experiences about a toilet with no holds barred than, for example, wich kind of discussions can lower the reputation/dignity of myLot. Mylot itself decide what kind of discussions are quality ones and what kind not. If you guess that a discussion don't match the guidelines or is not a "quality" one, then report it. They will decide if that discussion has enough "dignity" to be kept online or if is better remove it.
• Philippines
11 Apr 10
I really don't know. I guess he needs some advice regarding his toilet manners. Lol.
@common_man (1799)
• India
11 Apr 10
Hi friend, I have not come across that discussion. I normally see discussions initiated by my friends and discussion in my interests, Probably that is the reason i spared of such discussion. There should be some measures to discourage such discussions on mylot. Happy myLotting and have nice day friend.