Diamonds are Forever..known as Women's Bestfriend!!!!

April 11, 2010 2:07am CST
Diamonds are forever thus according to many,they are woman's bestfriend...Many women agrees to this...the reason? they are rare,very expensive...& when a man gives a woman this precious means that he is hers forever the reason why women answers YES right away.I for one love diamonds...but definitely it's not my bestfriend....nor will i believe that if a man will give you diamond means that you are forever all women would you agree or disagree? & to all men,would you give or spend a fortune to give a diamond?
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@khalida (1130)
• India
31 May 10
well i personally simply love diamonds a lot! :) when ever my mom takes me out shopping for gold jewellery, i end up buying diamonds!!! lol i think it represents me, as in its really simple and i like to keep my dressing and jewellery always simple!! :) gold is so not my thing!! hey! as far as i've heard, diamonds when given is usually for engagements!?? i don't know about the forever part but i think when a guy gives diamond jewellery, it means commitment and since its so costly, the girls feel pampered!! :)
@viryabo (69)
11 Apr 10
Grante diamonds are beautifu and the way they glitter is awesome. However, its not my best friend, and frankly there are more beautifully coloured gems that i prefer. Who wants to get mugged anyway?
@maximax8 (28925)
• United Kingdom
11 Apr 10
Diamonds are very beautiful but they are ever so expensive. All precious stones are very pricey like Rubies and Emeralds. My best friend was given an impressive looking diamond engagement ring. I think she has always had to be careful that it didn't get stolen. I am divorced now but in my day of getting engaged I had a blue topaz ring. I still have it and I keep it in my jewelry box. I am keen on crystals and semi precious stones because they are more affordable than diamonds. I think a diamond ring means forever but it is very much too expensive for the man to purchase. Maybe a wise man gets a similar ring that is stunning looking but more modest in price.
@vine88 (1038)
• India
11 Apr 10
for those who have money.. they are friends.. for those who don't have money diamonds are not their best friend. Just people give value in diamons.. it's simply a stone... i don't give value to diamond... I don't like to give any girls a diamond. -vine.