What do you use for your hair? Comb or Brush?

@khaezi (1003)
April 11, 2010 5:33am CST
Hello to all..I've been using brush for my hair..ever since I've decided to have a long one!!!It gives body rather than just dull plain straight one and it emphasizes the style making it more pleasing to the eye..=) How about you what do you use to fix or style your hair??? and why =) Thanks and Happy Mylotting..=)
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@surekharathi (14134)
• India
20 Oct 11
I used comb for my hair because I not know the use of brush and my hair is very short so I used comb.
@gelayagui98 (1337)
• Australia
25 Mar 11
I use a wide-toothed comb for disentangling and combing conditioner through the hair. Fine tail-combs are for styling, Afro comb for curly hair and styling combs for grooming.
@cream97 (29166)
• United States
14 Mar 11
Hi. khaezi. I use a wide tooth comb to comb my hair with. I use a wide tooth brush that has strong bristles to brush my hair with as well. This is all that I use to comb and to brush my hair with.
@maximax8 (28925)
• United Kingdom
11 Apr 10
I use a comb for my hair because my hair is fine and straight. My hair is fairly long and in the windy weather it can get into a bit of a tangle therefore when I get home I gently brush my hair. I know that using a brush can give more body to my hair. Often it is a case of what I have in my hand. I keep both my comb and brush in my bathroom.
@EvrWonder (3577)
• Canada
11 Apr 10
Hi khaezi; Typically, i use a brush on my hair. It is very long and straight. Sometimes I will take a comb into the shower, after brushing my hair, apply conditioner and then comb it through my hair. If I am french braiding my hair, I will brush my hair out first and then use a comb to start. Overall, I use a brush as I find that since I have so much hair that is very long, a comb just wont work without brushing out my hair first. Also combs I find are hard on my hair.
• Philippines
11 Apr 10
Well, in my case I make sure i use a comb after bath especially if there are tangles in my hair. It is every easy to use a comb with a wet hair but fro styling i would go for a rounded brush or a paddle brush for it gives a better effect in volume of the hair. I am very vain when it comes to my hair so i always wanted to have it look healthy and not dull. Hope this helps!!!
@Vikkyd (198)
• Finland
11 Apr 10
I use a brush since I tease my hair... It's a lot faster with a brush although the outcome might not be quite as good as with a comb, but it's close enough :)