The true about PTC sites

April 11, 2010 2:44pm CST
Hello, dear mylot users. I have almost 1 year experience with PTC sites and I can tell you for sure, that PTC sites are the worst place to invest your money. All PTC sites play with you and let you think that you pay for real human referrals, which is absolutely fraud. You will never see PTC site, where you can see your rented referrals'es nickname. If you can see this information, administrators of PTC sites can't play with these clicks and etc., because you always can check this via PM to someone. There is myth (I beleived in It, when I started with this PTC scams) that you can join in many many PTC sites and this way you can make good extra money every day, but from my personal exp. I will tell you, that 95% of sites you've joined will have "problems" and will be gone, before you reach your payout. If you think about making money without work on internet try something else. There are lots of opportunities out there. Typing, writing articles, investing in real trading companies(very deep research needed) and etc.
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12 Apr 10
this should be illegal to do! its fraud