MyLot and it's usefulness

United States
April 11, 2010 3:46pm CST
Since I joined, I have been reading the responses to questions and majority of them are very weak and useless. Due to this fact, rarely do I come by anymore since Wikipedia offers much better information on any given topic. I think it's sad that a site like this, which has a great idea behind it, is underutilized by people that give opinion and half hearted attempts at replies rather than posting anything of substance. For example, I was just at a post where the question asked is "What does the initial investment of big website companies like Google go to?" and the replies where: Once a company like that grows and gets many more users the running costs aren't huge and earnings are great. What kind of answer is that? So off topic and, well to be quite honest about it, stupid. If you don't know nothing about business, don't leave a reply like you do because it is obvious poster didn't have the slightest clue what the initial investment was spent on. The other reply was almost identical and said: once a company becomes successful it's profit can be out of this world!!! Come on, how lame can you get? That doesn't even have any worth to anybody at all and certainly doesn't answer the question. But since that is how the responses are to every post on the MyLot website, I give up wasting my time seeking quality answers to any topic here. Feel free to reply with short, meaningless, off topic, and/or stupid comments here...I WON'T be back to read them any way
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@blue65packer (11835)
• United States
12 Apr 10
Don't keep reading all those discussions that give meaningless responses! Some people do that just to make a money on the discussion! I only response to discussions I want to response to! I rarely read what other people have written! I don't care about that! I only read responses to my discussions. Mylot is not useless! I think you need to spend more time on here to realize what Mylot is all about. You sound like you have no patience and joined Mylot without reading the guidelines on what it is all about. Also there are tons of different topics you can response to! Try that! I found out for me it gives me more topics to choose from! I don't get bored on here! Mylot is a nice place once you get to know it!
@bestylish (923)
• Philippines
12 Apr 10
I also see some responses that are a bit off the topic and doesn't give much information. At first my intention of joining mylot is because of the money that I will be able to earn. But as I look around, I was able to read things that really helped me a lot. I was able to find answers in my questions and able to understand more about certain things. There may be members that post only those things just to earn and there are those that post to truly help others gain good information. That is what i think.