why's that there are people focusing on many paying PTC sites

@werty009 (404)
April 11, 2010 7:52pm CST
well there are people who like to focus on many PTC sites why's that the fact that many PTC site like neobux is really paying but your earning just 3 cents a click or just 2 cents per click and many people thinks that it is so cheap so they ask other how to earn more,well the technique is very simple referrals is one of the important thing you will consider to earn more in a paying PTC sites you should learn that referring a friend or a person to that PTC sites you refer to him/her,the referrer will be earning in his referrals so many referrals the faster you earn more money another technique is the "upgrade system" what's the upgrade system well PTC sites have their upgrade systems like for example paying them 2dollars and you get more advertisements that you can click for instance a standard member can click just 5 advertisements in a day but if you upgrade let's say you can you 12 advertisement a day and per click is 10 cents im saying putting some dollars on a paying PTC site can earn you more.
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