Is there any issue with Tiger Woods having only white mistresses?

Does Tiger Woods dislike black women? - Does Tiger Woods dislike black women? The only women he is preported to have ended up with are white and it seems ladies of dubious disctriction. Were there no black women he could have romped with?
United States
April 11, 2010 10:59pm CST
Out of all the 14 supposed mistresses that tiger woods had all were reported to be white. t seems unusal that no black ladies were among his conquest. Were there no black ladies available? Is he totally unattracted to black girls? Is this mindset of only white ladies being attractive a sign of a phychosis in the mind? Tigers wife was white and from sweden but certainly that attraction could be attributed to love but what about his preference for raw fun? Could he not find any black girls who were attractive to share his wares with? Tiger Woods was the product of a black father and a Korean mother. So strict racism is not a part of his heritage but it seems he has a fettish to be with one type of female and the raunchier the better.
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