how many cups of coffee do you usually have per day?

April 12, 2010 11:59am CST
Studies now show that 1-2 cups of coffee is actually healthy. I also know that many people use coffee to wake themselves up in the morning. Personally, I don't drink more than 2 cups of coffee unless sleepy. How many cups do you drink ?
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• Philippines
14 Jun 10
I cannot consume more than two cups of coffee a day.
23 Apr 10
i drink for 3-5 cups daily!!!!! i love drinking coffee so much
• Brunei Darussalam
20 Apr 10
I drink 2 cups of coffee in a day, in the morning and in the afternoon. I don't like black coffee. I prefer drink coffee with milk.
@lazeebee (5468)
• Malaysia
18 Apr 10
Previously I used to take 5-6 cups; my hubby nagged me to cut down. So now my max per day is 3 cups. I usually start the day off with one cup of hot black coffee, just to wake me up (and keep me awake while I drive to work). I would take the other 2 cups, usually with cream, in the afternoon and before going to sleep. Surprisingly, coffee helps me sleep better at night as well!
@tomitomi (5441)
• Singapore
12 Apr 10
i used to have about five. but since a few days ago i tried to limit to 2 the most after reading an article on health issues. its not been easy but i'm trying.
@chiepao (718)
• Philippines
12 Apr 10
hey joe, I only drink 1 cup of coffee a day and I take it every morning during breakfast. I tried to drink 3 cups in 1 day and it was hard for me to go to sleep at night.