one and only one

April 13, 2010 3:05am CST
the one and only one woman who would i refer here would be my wife itself as she itself in one b----.he hink why is just because she itself has got a lot of fans ot due to any of her artistic talents but just her sexiness.she got her job as a bar girl as a temporary post and now she has got her own fans- all men.i got a bit stinned by seeing her uniform, as there was nothing enough to cover heself.i knew she was a kind of this type and thats y i allowed her to go for this job but i didnt expect this.everything was clear on her dress.very cleavage and very short skirts with no panties underneath.everytime she kneels down her skirt goes up and everything comes in view.i got activated and then i realized it wasnt just me but every singlt guy in the room did.she said she was enjoying it as it was temporary and as the new girl comes in she would be soon out.any way she was one b----.i even found some photographs taken of her and some touching her bud.
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