which part of matrix do u like the most?

April 13, 2010 10:10am CST
i mean to ask which part.. is it reloaded or matrix,, or the third one.. i dont remember the name... i like reloaded the most and matrix too... what do u say?
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9 Aug 10
I always liked the first one because it has a lot of good action part than the other two . Everyone liked the action in the first one........
@besthope44 (12145)
• India
9 Aug 10
Well i like the first one very nice movie.
• India
26 May 10
i think everyone likes matrix reloaded ... because the first part shows only what is matrix world to neo but in reloaded the action begins from start of the movie till to end and neo uses the matrix world wisely to kill the agent and the action scenes are mind blowing
• Norway
18 Apr 10
Of course the first one was best!!! however, i do love the whole trilogy... but no doubt the first will be a classic.
• Philippines
13 Apr 10
i like the first movie of matrix. it is much cooler than the other 2 the reloaded and revolution. because on reloaded it is not so much good and the last is my perception is the epic is not till ended and still have a continuation