Do you think movies that is agaist the church should be stop?

April 13, 2010 10:45am CST
In my opinion, It should not be stop at all. The believes of the followers will be tested with this method. They should know right from wrong.
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@bryanwmc (1052)
• Malaysia
20 Apr 10
If followers of a religion are strong in their faith,there really isnt much that a movie can do to affect their faith,unless the religion is based on shaky believes or ways are forcibly imposed,then a feeling of insecurity may rise when the ways are challenged or questioned or represented in a different manner. Unwavering faith in God,if strong enough,cannot be budged,not y a movie or book or anything. Then also,movie or no movie,there will always be those against church or religion,banning movies against church isnt goin to make much difference there!
@vine88 (1038)
• India
20 Apr 10
I don't think so. it's a movie, it's not a real life. They are acting there. Nothing is true there. If you asked to Christians they are against this. They do not like... they are blind believers. They believe what ever gods words whether it a rubbish. IT's freedom. Each humans are free. They can express what they like. It's a freedom of like. You can talk against religion tooo... There is nothing wrong ... Such kinds cinemas are great.. we love to see those..because they only can say truth to the world -vine.
@aries12 (60)
• Philippines
14 Apr 10
For me it should nor be stop, these will be the way where we can test our faith to the lord.
@dfollin (12743)
• United States
13 Apr 10
I am a christian and I only go and see movies,read books and live my life as I feel that a christian should.If there is a movie,book or whatever that is in our reach,it was put there by the devil and yes is a test of our faith to God.Therefore,I feel that it should not be banned unless it is in a situation where it could influence our children,like in school,for example.Or if the movie,book or whatever is not behind closed doors.