How to tell if fever?

April 13, 2010 10:29pm CST
Other than a thermoneter, how can you tell if you yourself have a fever. I mean if have a fever your hot right?
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@phoenix8606 (4978)
7 May 10
yeah, person who have fever is really hot and also shakes so that's why if you really have a fever and there is no thermometer near you, it is only enough to touch your forehead and if it's really hot then you have it
@shoeface (53)
14 Apr 10
If you have a fever, yes you will feel incredibly hot to the touch. But you may feel cold, and even begin to shiver or shake. The first instinct when you get a fever is to cuddle up in blankets. You shouldn't it will make you more hot. Wear as little as possible and put a fan on. Source: I've had a temperature of up to 41 degrees before. It's not fun, but my eyes do not stay in one place as others suggest. You just feel awful and shiver and feel incredibly tired, and usually dont want to eat or drink much