@Echo53 (23)
April 13, 2010 10:44pm CST
Who is dumber? Homer Simpson or Peter Griffin? hahaha... I watch both cartoons and I always laugh out loud whenever they show scenes of their stupidity. I've enjoyed the simpsons since I was a kid and now the griffins of family guy is really catching up as the funniest cartoon family on TV. Who is dumber and funnier?
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• Australia
25 Apr 10
I'm not actually sure that either of them are truly 'dumb'. Sure, they're both socially awkward and tactless, but they're constantly rorting the system, manipulating people, and living to tell the tale. Frankly, I think that they're geniuses! If I really had to choose, though; I'd probably say that Homer Simpson has the lower of the two intelligence quotients. He seems genuinely ignorant, while Peter Griffin just seems lazy and uninterested. Both Homer Simpson and Peter Griffin make me laugh. To me, however, the question of who's the funniest is an easily answered one. Peter Griffin is far more hilarious; and I think that that comes down to the frequent flashbacks that illustrate his points, as well as the fact that the humour of 'Family Guy' is a litlle more adult-focused.