job depression

April 14, 2010 12:15am CST
my friend S often complains about her job, she felt herself a insignificant part in the company, everybody except her are all busy, without being assigned she seldom got sense of fulfillment and achievement from work. any suggestion?
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@umadper (947)
• India
5 May 10
hi,it the headache of the company that how best utilize the manpower that they are employing and for which they are paying.Of course,we too have work satisfaction for the amount we are getting .So kindly identify the positive points and analyze her strengths in which she is expert...if she can explain to her boss effectively,then they may think that how much significance they can give to her.
• China
5 May 10
i had the same feeling with her at my first month of working. but after that i find what to do and very busy all the time. so maybe she just need a little more time to get familiar with her job
@manubla (474)
• Philippines
2 May 10
She may want to try talking to her superior about it. If she has spare time, she can perhaps conceptualize and introduce a process that may help her team. This will be appreciated and the superior will surely notice that she has the initiative to do things.
@reckon21 (3487)
• Philippines
26 Apr 10
I just wonder why your friend is not busy doing work while her co employees are busy doing there's...what is her job...why would a company hired someone with nothing to do. I just don't understand it...she get paid yet she has no work to keep her busy. Much better if you included what kind of work she had. If her co workers are busy then she should help every one of them so that she can be busy too. Actually it's a very simple only needs two letter...get involved by helping others in her company.
@knicnax (2234)
• Philippines
24 Apr 10
Actually, there are a lot of things you/she can do. The best way to do something is to study. learn new things, improve on your skills. Read / research on stuff that will help your company either by increasing productivity or by increasing profits. RESEARCH is invaluable to any company. efforts would surely not go to waste. You can form new ideas, innovate new products/services/processes. If ever the company doesn't like your friend's idea or the result/interpretation/content of the research, and she's still unahappy, time to move to a new job. all the research would surely benefit your friend when she changes jobs
24 Apr 10
Hi Xiaoailiu and welcome to mylot! You know I had this problem and I approached my bosses about it. I did have plenty of work to do but after doing the same thing for two years I was getting a bit fed up with the same old routine. I simply told my boeese how I was feeling and if it were possible for me to take on some new tasks within the office or undergo some training to qualify me to do something else. I got a very positive response, but after three months nothing happened so I looked for a new job and got offered the very first job I applied for. I handed in my resignation and work and when they asked me why I wanted to leave I told them that they had done nothing about my request and therefore I had no option but to find alternative employment.
• United States
24 Apr 10
If you feel left out, here are some of my opinions 1. Go to find another job and leave your current employer. 2. Try your best getting along with them 3. Just ignore & think it's your luck to have a job without doing much works. 4. Who cares, do your best & nothing feel guilty. Your new friend zudecdotcom