Kamen Rider Regulus 2011 [Rumor]

April 14, 2010 2:58am CST
1st Stage : Kamen Rider of 2011 should make a special appearance in the next Double film Kamen Rider of this summer (In August with Goseiger, as usual). This news classifies Kamen Rider would turn around constellations, and have 13 Riders in everything. One for each of 12 constellations of the Zodiac a the unknown Roadshow of this summer would not be cut in 2 films, but in 3:Goseiger, Double and a special film uniting 7 Riders. 2nd Stage : Double VS Regulus VS Goseiger. In passage standing out of future : • Kamen Rider Aldebaran (Bull)- Taurus Zodiac • Kamen Rider Antares (Scorpion) - Scorpio Zodiac and • Kamen Rider Beaver/Kamen Rider Pollux (Geminis) - Gemini Zodiac because these names are simply the heart and the most bright stars of these constellations For Kamen Rider Regulus, these 2 actors are sensed : Tomo Yanagishita and Shota Matsushima
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