Do you think hubby should earn more money than wife?

@leo1985 (164)
April 14, 2010 3:12am CST
In a family,money is important for everyone of us. But who should earn more money? hubby or wife? In my country, if hubby can't earn more money, he will be looked down upon by others. So, can you share your idea?
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• United States
14 Apr 10
Nowdays, there are all types of families accepted in the United States so to me it does not matter. When we did not have kids, I earned more than my husband but with the kids, we finally decided that I could stay at home with them and that he would continue to work. In time he has moved up the ladder and made more than I did but it is because I chose to stay at home. So it worked in the way that my husband makes more money.
@acey76 (1278)
• Philippines
14 Apr 10
Hi! Leo1985, I think that having a family is making an extra effort to give a better future to your kids and to your husband/wife. It doesn't have to be who is earning the least or giving the most.Pride shouldn't be in the way rather thank it would be nice to see how you encourage, understand and bringing your best towards building a bright future. All must give a hand.
@SHAMRACK (8533)
• India
14 Apr 10
Dear friend, I do not see any discomfort in that. I do hope it is totall well being of the family. I could see lots of husbands gets less pay in comparision with their wife. May be if they well go I hope there is no problems and if it is part of family and social well being.
• Philippines
14 Apr 10
BEing practical is what important today. Pride is the problem when the subject is who is earning more. I do believe that if wife is earning more compare to her husband that is okay, as long as the wife is still helping in the family's needs. That is not a problem. They should be thankful that both of them have jobs and be thankful that one of them is earning more. Some men have to much pride.If that happens and they want to received salary much bigger then find another job. I mean having a double job have double earnings.
@atha13 (159)
• Malaysia
14 Apr 10
It is a norm in our society to think that men should be greater than women. So if a husband earns lower than the wife, people would start talking and maybe assuming the husband is financially dependent on his wife. Personally, I think it doesn't matter who earns bigger salary as long as each partner knows his or her responsibility. They should also accept the fact that one of them earns higher and the money earned should be used responsibly for the well being of their family. Most of all, they must ignore what other people think. It's their happiness that should come first.