Sometimes You Just Gotta Cuss!

United States
April 14, 2010 3:31am CST
Sometimes I wonder what next! Just when you think everything is going to be all right something worse happens and sure you learn to cope with things but coping with things cause depression on the outside you appear okay but on the inside you are depressed. If you let it out instead of ("COPING") holding it in people consider you to be crazy. Coping or holding things in could be worse than what we all think. Sometimes you have to get mad and let your anger out as long as you to not hurt anyone and your just blowing off steam your okay. Just because you hear someone blowing off steam does not make them crazy and I wonder if the ones who "COPE" are the crazy ones because when they just can not take anymore their actions appear crazy at least in my opinion.....Thanks for partaking in my ramblings there will be more to come!
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