Why do i always feel that my girlfriend is cheaating

April 14, 2010 8:39am CST
Why am i always feeling that my girlfriend is cheating on me. i always feel like she is doing things behind my back. I have been very attached to her and now we meet only sometimes. But right from before i had the feeling that she is cheating on me. Bt she is a good girl. But i still can't trust her. Is it due o the attachment or is it due to the past relaionships i had
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@jeeyah (1092)
• Philippines
14 Apr 10
Trust is a very important part in a relationship. Have you tried talking to her about it? What makes you feel that she is cheating on you? Is it because of her actions towards you? Is she acting secretive? If you've had that feeling right before, maybe it's because of your past relationships. Have you been cheated on before? This may be the reason why you feel like you can't trust anymore. The only thing I can tell you is to talk to your girlfriend about it. Explain to her that because of your past relationships, you're a little bit paranoid and find it hard to trust. Just let her know that you love her, but it's really bothering you. That maybe she can assure you that she's loyal and faithful to you. Try to work it out and compromise. Don't assume and jump to conclusions, though. Just tell her that you've been having those feelings. It doesn't mean that you don't trust her enough. Tell her it's just because of the trauma of your previous relationships.