April 14, 2010 9:15am CST
Do any one have watched the program "The World's Most Amazing Race"?It's a tv show in AXN channel.if u see u would really like it.The main concept of this programe as the name suggest it's a race around the world.The game is like that we shall start from a place and from that sme place we will be getting a new task to do ,we should find out the place and complete our task,it is not necessary that the place we visit should be of the same state or country,it may be another country. It's quite an interesting program if u become an consistent watcher of this program,and the most wonderful thing about this race is that,u would be rewarded 1million $,if u win this race. Since the price is of so big,the task we have 2 do also has some risk(not every).we go closest to the destination by getting the "clue card" that will be awarded to the racers after completing each task or we have to find out the clue card . The game also consist of an elimination round,after 1 or 3 round the racers are informed to go to the pit stop(last stop in a round),in this case if only the first 10 racers will go to the next round,then the 11th one arriving will be eliminated.So the the racers must be very careful,that the task being given to them should be very finite,if they fail to complete their their task ,then the receiving of clue card also become slower,so highly accurate ,more speed will make them win the race. So all of you watch this show regularly,it's really "an amazing race".
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• Philippines
25 Feb 11
Yeah, its my favorite reality show no show could be ever be equal to the amazing race
@jaypeesol (219)
• Philippines
19 Jul 10
I am glad The Amazing Race is getting stronger and more fans each passing season. I have been watching this show since 2004 and have never missed an episode. If I do miss one, I make sure I download it and watch it before the next episode is aired. I really hope they never cancel this show, because this is the best reality competition in the history of TV.
• Singapore
14 Jun 10
I just started watching this show 2 seasons back and I have been hooked since. I would wait expectantly for it (it was on Mondays for the last season), discuss each episode with my colleague who's also a fan, and follow the discussions on the CBS website. I rooted for a team in the last season, they didn't win and I was quite disappointed. However, I'm still touched by some of the kindness some participants showed others. I'm amazed by how resourceful some of them are and how they draw up different strategies for winning the race. I think it's a very good tv program.
@caliya (1175)
• Philippines
2 May 10
I love The Amazing Race. It's one of my favorite reality shows. I have always wanted to travel around the world and if given a chance I will definitely join this show. Lately I tend to miss the latest episodes but I am thankful that I can still watch it online to catch up.
@cbeee3 (2064)
• India
28 Apr 10
Amazing race is a really nice program. Much better than those silly soap-operas that run on the tele. I watched the first two seasons. Then I got busy and could not watch it. I watch the latest season's episodes, as and when I can. Have you watched all the seasons of Amazing race? The concept is really nice. :)
@ada8may21 (2419)
• Philippines
14 Apr 10
Yeah I been watching that program. When I was not working. I stopped watching it in the year of 2007 I guess. When they have a new season. Really like, its not just the prize that you will get but the chance to travel around the world. It pretty really amazing race because its not just a race within the country but really within different countries.