Eternal life

@becdmd (705)
April 14, 2010 10:04am CST
I've been told that we all face eternal life...but the question is where would you want to go? Of course eternal life in Heaven for me...some people do not believe in Heaven but I'll make a stand that there is such a place where nobody can fathom...Where we can see the full richness of God's glory. It's our final destination and it's the Kingdom we belong. But would you believe me when I say that you can experience heaven here on earth? Yep It's possible but the difference here is that we have tribulations. Yet we can still live joyfully and having peace in our hearts because we have a God in our life-Jesus our Lord and Savior. If we have a personal relationship with Him then we are sure that we are saved from eternal death. If you have accepted Jesus in your life, please do share your life now having Him. Thanks for sharing!
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• India
15 Apr 10
Hello there, Responding to your discussion after a long time. Yes, I absolutely agree with you. What is heaven and what is hell? Where are these two grounds situated? What brings us to heaven and what throws us out into inferno? A repentant soul is in hell, for no punishment can be harsher than repentance. Nothing else can be more severe, more disturbing to us. But then when we sincerely repent for our sins and go through a self realization, we elevate ourselves from hell and get closer to heaven. A truly happy and peaceful soul is in heaven. It is at this stage that we see miracles happening all around us. We see god's grace everywhere. We feel as if we are in heaven, we feel surrounded and embraced by the love of God. When I am asked to give advice or a suggestion to someone, I say only a simple word, happiness. I say, "If you are happy, you are in the right path, but if you are in dilemma or repentance, that would mean you have been diverted." Nothing gives us more pleasure than staying in the righteous path, the path to divinity. Thanks for starting this wonderful discussion. God bless you
• Philippines
14 Apr 10
Yes, i share my life with Him. It's like anything couldn't go wrong. And if it did, you always know that He's always there to make it right. God definitely is the one to be with and i also believe in paradise. :)
• Philippines
14 Apr 10
We need to believe and accept Christ to be our Lord and Savior. Lord is to follow him, Like we are his servant. Savior because he is our only way to eternal life.