i have 10 siblings does anyone have more than me?

April 14, 2010 10:18am CST
hi everybody! i have 6 brothers and 4 sisters, anyone have more than me? as many as we are we are close to each other..i'm the the youngest so everybody takes care of me..anfd that's the best side of having many siblings especially when you're the youngest..hehe..we have big happy family, do you have too? share your experiences with me..i also need some friends here in myLot..thanks..
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@Cabbyy (13)
• Philippines
17 Apr 10
well,in our family i only have 3 silblings and we are not that so close because we had grown up on different place,,what i wanna share is not about my family,its about a family here in our town whose one of the child was my closest friend and classmate,well,well, they're just a dozen of kids in the family,another family here has a complete 20 kids,unbelievable though,but its true and the funny side is that they are just a simple family..they live in a very fused small wood made house and they are happy,they are very close with each other though their mom sometimes forgot their names,imagine 20 children?whoa..
• Philippines
18 Apr 10
hey cabbyy, whoa! i can't imagine 20 kids living in a house.that is one big family u have there in your neighborhood. from where you are anyway? can we be friends..i'm new here in mylot.. have a great day..
@yresh12 (3219)
• Philippines
14 Apr 10
Hello eyeris! Three is a crowd for us. We are only at that count but it's still a mess at home. How much more with 10 siblings.. hahaha
• Philippines
15 Apr 10
haha..how come your a mess there are only three of you? most of my siblings have their own families only three of us left without our own families so i think that's why we're close and all of us are mature already..where are you from anyway?i'm from baguio city, Philippines
@jasmeena (850)
• Indonesia
30 May 10
My dad is the oldest of 14, it means he has 13 siblings ( but now only 5 still alive ,6 with my dad). I am from small family, the youngest of two and no brothers. My mom is from small family too, the oldest of two and no brothers
@Outcast (633)
• United States
14 Apr 10
I have a big family but not that big. We equal out to 9. But we are not close. 7 girls and 2 boys. Me being the youngest. I wish we all would be closer but I do not seeing that happen anytime soon.