What activities you haven't done since a long time now that you really miss?

April 14, 2010 11:16pm CST
As years go by, our usual or daily routine activities changes, sometimes without noticing it. For example, like me I used to sing in Karaoke at home anytime I want to, but since I moved here in the City and live in a condominium, I cannot do it anymore. And it's been 3 years already that I couldn't do it. Now, I am really missing it and longing to sing out loud again, I couldn't wait to go back home. How about you? What do you miss doing since a long time?
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@cloud31 (5811)
15 Apr 10
Hello assinertata, I miss to chat with my childhood best friend,while having a night swimming spending time together sharing laughter, and secrets with each other.We are having a lot things in common so when we're together we don't have space for sadness and we do a lot of interests to enjoy each other company.. Happy myLotting!Good day!
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• Philippines
15 Apr 10
Hi cloud31, Yes sometimes we would want to go back to those times just to do what we missed from it. I hope you could find time to see or chat with your childhood best friend, it's worth it for sure. happy mylotting!