NBA Teams Are Set for Playoffs

NBA Playoffs - NBA Playoffs Bracket
April 15, 2010 5:24am CST
The NBA playoffs are set and 16 team will go for the jugular as they will face each other in the first round of the Playoffs. Eastern Conference: (1) Cleveland Cavaliers Vs (8) Chicago Bulls (2) Orlando Magic Vs (7) Charlotte Bobcats (3) Atlanta Hawks Vs (6) Milwaukee Bucks (4) Boston Celtics Vs (5) Miami Heat Western Conference: (1) Los Angeles Lakers Vs (8) Oklahoma City Thunder (2) Dallas Mavericks Vs (7) San Antonio Spurs (3) Phoenix Suns Vs (6) Portland Trail Blazers (4) Denver Nuggets Vs (5) Utah Jazz *Cleveland Cavaliers secure home court advantage throughout the Playoffs * Los Angeles Lakers are the defending champions Opinion: Los Angeles Lakers will capture the 2009-2010 NBA Championship
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@mensab (4207)
• Philippines
15 Apr 10
yehey, playoff time. wow, it is a bold prediction that the lakers will be able to defend their title this year. although i believe that western conference teams are very competitive, lakers are not formidable as they seem. they lost sevral crucial games in the last stretch of the regular season that their top standing was at risk if not for some miscues on the mavericks and nuggets. my prediction is that mavericks will advance and it will face the celtics. quite bold too.
• Philippines
16 Apr 10
Mavericks has the chance of making it straight to the western conference finals, but it will be a tough task to dethrone Kobe Bryant and his team. Playoff games are different from the games played in the regular season. Over the past years,we all know that the Lakers are dominant in the playoffs. I can see Lakers facing the Cavaliers in the finals. Lebron James Against Kobe Bryant.
19 Apr 10
Even after a couple days into the playoffs i still have my predictions picked and secured. In the East: Clevland Cavalies vs Chicago Bulls -Who is going to be able to beat the Cavs (King James, Big Diesel, Antwan Jamison, Mo, etc) they are looking unbeatable and hungry. So i give it to the Cavs in 5 Orlando Magic vs Charlotte Bobcats -I personally do not like the Magic, to much 3 point bombers who really cant make 3's, so I give it to the underdogs the Bobcats, it may not happen but i can still pray Atlanta Hawks vs Milwaukee Bucks -From the first time i saw Brandon Jennings hit the court i was amazed, this kid has brought the struggling Bucks to a winning record and a playoff spot without the help of Allstar player Michael Redd. In this situation though the Bucks are are out of luck when looking at the depth and athleticism of the Hawks, and especially when their star center Andrew Bogut is out because of injury Boston Celtics vs Miami Heat -Maybe the most intriguing match up in the east, this 4 vs 5 battle truly poses a threat for an upset. With the struggling Celtics who are on the verge of losing a coach and an unstable team chemistry they are just asking for an upset by the young and rising Miami Heat lead by NBA Allstar Dwayne Wade who could emerge as a true legend after defeating this past championship Celtic team The WEST -----TOmmorow
• Hong Kong
18 Apr 10
I think that this year, it will all come down to matchups. Because in the East, Caveliers will defeat the Bulls in about 4-5 games, since the Bulls is still not good enough, they don't have a lot of scoring options and their defence isn't that great also. Their only chance on winning a game or two is to have Derrick Rose and Joakim Noah to go crazy together, even might be too difficult to contain a team with LBJ, Shaq, Antawn Jamison and Mo Williams. Therefore Cavs advance there. Magic VS Bobcats. Although many people claim that the Bobcats has a chance, I think that they will win 2 games max. Because the Orlando Magic is just a great team, although I don't like them, I still think that they are the favourites to win the Eastern Conference. Their 3 pt barrages really makes the other team go crazy, especially when Dwight Howard, Brandon Bass and Gortat can all clean up the glass easily. With a very small lineup, the Bobcats will suffer against the Magic, sorry Jordan, you bought the wrong team..... Atlanta VS Bucks. um....Atlanta, no doubt, 1st, they have a great starting lineup, with Joe Johnson and the improving Josh Smith. Then there's a future 6th man of the year Jamal Crawford. The Bucks lost Bogut, they've basically lost the series, Kurt Thomas cannot go head to head with Horford, I garantee that. My money is on the Hawks winning in 5. The most competetive but possibly boring series, Boston Celtics VS Miami Heat. I say this because they are the 4th and 5th seed, always a great series. But both teams are defensive orientated, so it will be low scoring but very testy. I think that this game could go to game 7 and then...who knows. Both teams has a few wildcards and both teams can score relentlessly. As we saw in Game 1, the Heat was on fire, until the Celtics turned on the defence. Tony Allen was one of the wildcards. I think that both teams will win their first 2 home games, 7. At that point, it will go down to Beasley, Wright and Haslem's contribution to help Wade, and maybe the awakening of Oneal. OR Tony Allen, Rasheed Wallace and Nate Robinson will step up and win the series. I don't know who's going to win this one. This series is about who gets help first? Heat or Celtics....time will tell. WEST OKC vs LA. I saw this and I was like WOW, Durant vs Kobe. I think that The Thunders has an advantage with Russel Westbrook's speed and slicing ability. He will run over Derick Fisher if he has to. Also, they've got Sefolosa, I think I spelt it wrong. Anyways, he's a great defender and will force the ball off Kobe and someone has to step up. HOWEVER, Lakers ARE the defending champs and they do have the ability to win. They have experience, the twin towers....and Kobe, dang. The duo of Gasol and Bynum can really hurt the Thunders with their rebounding and height. I think that this series will be decided by 2 guys, not Durant or Kobe, it will be Artest and Sefolosha. Whoever defends their matchup better, well, that team wins. Utah VS Denver. Denver wins, finished. Carmelo + JR Smith + Billups, great offensive trio. Utah? Kirilanko + Okur = injured stars. So now there's nobody to guard Carmelo, ok, they've lost. Dallas vs Spurs. If you turn the clock 3 years ago, this would be a good matchup, with Duncan vs Nowitski again, see who can score more, and Ginobili and Parker will just chip in and compete against Terry and...some other players. Now? The Spurs' big three are old, and Dallas has Marion, Kidd, Butler and Haywood. Quick series, bye bye Spurs. Pheonix VS Portland. Portland has won the Suns more this year, but then.....Brandon Roy is injured. I think that this series will be finished in 5 games. Go Suns, Go Nash and Go AMARE! In the finals I think it will be Denver/Dallas vs Orlando/Cavs I seriously don't know who will win. Sorry haha