myself & my mom

@kirthy (387)
April 15, 2010 6:50am CST
she is not a woman . she is like a god. 10 months i was with in her. she is my friend when she is sharing with me. she is my doll when i play with her. with out her nothing with in me.HOW CAN I SATISFY MY MOM. now im 25
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@will_win (222)
• India
26 Jul 10
You don't have to do much.Be a good daughter by respecting,caring and supportive. I think is what they expect from us.Do spent some days with her sharing about your life and ask how is her life going and i know she will be happy.........and be a good daughter
@MAllen400 (830)
15 Apr 10
Just make sure you keep in touch with her and see her when you can. Share your news with her and I think the best way of all is for you to be happy as that basically is what every Mum wants for their child.
@kquiming (2999)
• Philippines
15 Apr 10
You can use words, to tell her how you appreciate her in your life, and how thankful you are to God for giving you such a wonderful mom. Always forgive each other when making mistakes, or whenever you've done or said something you later on regret. If you can't find the words to tell her, try buying her some greeting cards. Choose one with a beautiful message in it. You can do other sweet things like giving her flowers, baking her a cake, or simply just spending time with her and helping her with whatever it is that she needs help with.
• Philippines
15 Apr 10
i'm the eldest daughter of my mom ... i'm in my early twenty's and like you i am very much take cared by my mom. My mother for me is the best mother among the best mother in the world because she is my mom and without her, i couldn't witness the beauty and wonder of the world..To satisfy your mom is to become a mother soon in the future but as a single now, Just be a good daughter show attitude specially respect..High respect to your mom..And Honor your parents. This will satisfy them..
@setroc (853)
• Philippines
15 Apr 10
just be a good daughter, that will make your mother prove