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April 15, 2010 11:23am CST
I came across mylot as I was looking for something I could earn from online. Mylot caught my interest, therefore I joined with the main purpose of earning money alone. At first few days here, I was still studying how to earn well, so it's still all about money. However, lately as getting across with different posts/discussions, I developed already some emotions or reactions and even an analogy of different behaviors and thoughts of mylotters. This site is not only to earn money, nor to posts/discussions just for the sake of money. Because actually, this site could be an instrument to share your thoughts, give your opinions, and a place where you can learn a lot from small stuffs to big ones. I hope all of us here would use this site to inform, get informed, and to learn. Because posters & members here are humans, therefore the write-ups are coming from all their senses and abilities, it's live and real. Whatever we write here reflects our own person. From reading the posts alone, we can determine already who are having sense and are substantial writers. I wouldn't mind anymore as to the quantity of discussions I could post/answer, rather I would mind about the quality/substance I can put into my posts. Anyway, as we all know, Quality products are usually expensive. So, just for my own idea, maybe quality posts here are paid higher ( do you think so?).
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@petersum (4525)
• United States
15 Apr 10
Making money is good, especially if you don't have a regular job, and it is even better if you can make that money helping other people. That is what Mylot is all about to me. Of course, we aren't making a living from this and one couldn't realistically call it work. Compared to other earning means on the internet, this is much more enjoyable. We also have many different cultures here from all over the world. I first started replying to a discussion immediately, with the view of earning as fast as possible, but now I look to see where the person has come from, noting their age and so forth. Having that information allows one to tailor a reply to suit the individual, ensuring that no offense or irrelevant answers are posted. Taking your time and thinking out a post beforehand will improve everyone's experience here.
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• Philippines
27 Apr 10
I agree with you. It's important to know the person behind the post, and what's the real topic raised. And yes, since I took time reading, understanding the discussions, and knowing eventually the personality of the poster, I started to have more fun here at mylot. happy mylotting!
• Philippines
15 Apr 10
Yes I totally agree with you. I signed up to mylot with the hopes of earning extra. All about the money like most of us would say, but along the way I found myself getting more and more drawn to it and most of the time forgetting the earnings... and just having this insane passion to share my thoughts and ideas no matter how great or small. It's nice to have a place where you have a say in a topic. Not much of us gets to have that privilege in the real world... errr -- not saying that mylot is not real. I guess I was referring to the "tangible" world where we can actually touch people we converse with. =)