Gossip; The gossipers and its victims

April 15, 2010 12:04pm CST
As defined, Gossip is idle talk or rumor, especially about the personal or private affairs of others. From the definition alone, it gives the impression already of the negativeness of the word itself. But why many people love to gossip? What gives them joy from doing so? As to my own opinion, Gossipers love to gossip because they're sure that they are talking about others, not themselves. They feel safe and comfortable for the fact that it's not them grilled on fire. And they find joy of doing so, because by talking bad about others, makes them feel that they are better persons than anyone else and that they are very righteous, they are so-called holy! By gossiping, they can cover up their own mess. They block their brains from thinking their own mistakes by getting busy of minding other businesses. I want to call them cowards, because they're coward to face their own selves who are rotten inside. The failures of others are the happiness of these Gossipers. So to those victims of Gossipers, I encourage you not to get affected by these people. They are the most insecure in their lives, and all they want to do is to ruin other lives and put victims down to make themselves higher. Don't give them this satisfaction. I know it's not that easy, for the position of the victims of bad rumors. Reputations are involved and at risk. But no other best weapon to counteract with these gossipers but to ignore them. I just hope that Gossipers would realize that they are just as good as killers/criminals. They kill a lot of dignities/reputations already. Do you agree?
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@Ramsesxlll (1436)
• Finland
17 Apr 10
I don't agree that gossipers are as bad as killers/murderers, but they surely do a lot of damage to especially young girls. I am not being racist, but I just think that it is like that, because girls are more vulnerable than what boys are...
• Philippines
17 Apr 10
Well, it's your opinion, I respect it. Yet, I disagree of just blaming the girls for this matter, both girls and guy are equal. Boys may look tough and strong,physically and as how they portray themselves to people. Girls, look vulnerable because of being expressive of their emotions and crying easily. But both have their own vulnerability. Boys can gossip too sometimes, and once they gossip it's more destructing, while girls because they're known to be gossipers already, their impact is not as much as of from the boys. Anyway, my post was about gossiping, it's not about the boys and girls.