Who would be the most exhausted,ladies or gentleman?

April 16, 2010 1:38am CST
Evetyone suffers various pressures from the society of increasingly severe competition .Gentleman always say it's hard to be a man,and ladies usually answer it's also a tough task to be a woman.My dear friends ,in your opinion,who would be the most exhaused?
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@chiyosan (30204)
• Philippines
17 Apr 10
well i believe we all have our own stress, but i think it is of the same weight, we just handle it all differently... the problem could be the same, like for parents having an issue with their son, for example... a father might just shrug it off and talk to the son... and then a mother may be paranoid, may think of all stuffs and then be stressed out too much over this issue... so the woman in this ccase is the one exhausted not the man...
• Philippines
16 Apr 10
I would say gentlemen. I am not answering this because I am a guy myself. I think men because most countries at patriarchal. The US is patriarchal. The US has a male president. Men have to deal with women and their frills. Women go shopping and drag the men with them. I am just sitting down while my girlfriend picks clothes and tries them on. She then asks how I feel then, she tends to disagree with my opinion. Women are intuitive. They expect men to know things they do. Men aren't mind readers. So here I am, driving and figuring out why she is so upset and she won't tell me. Women expect men to remember almost everything from what we wore during the 1st date to what food we ordered. That is ladies and gentlemen is really tiring. When men get married, double pressure due to kids.