How do u manage with new ppl??? job..

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April 16, 2010 2:35am CST
I have worked in two different companies which is completely a different field which i have enjoyed a lot and made many friends and now im heading towards my third job..and i am happy i have got into an MNC which is very popular company in the field of IT, CONSULTING AND, is that i was so excited about joining and i was moved into process after a days induction, and I was shocked to see a large team..a 33-member team as i have not worked in teams in the earlier organizations as i was the doer, boss and had direct contact with upper level management ..and as u all may be aware of..there are so many gangs that are formed within the seating do you break the silence?..i went and introduced myself n every cubicle and they too the question is how do you keep up the relationships or maintain the rapport?..sometimes the new joinees feel they are the odd man out n left what ways would you suggest to maintain a rapport and establish urself in such a large team as a new joinee?..i know time can be the answer to time passes v can become friendly and a person's interpersonal skils would help....any suggestions to move closer with the team and establish urself in the first few days befire even u get started with work?.
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16 Apr 10
In every work their is an adjustment from the staff level going to the managament. But I would say that If Im happy working without any staff-friendly one. I can survice It. Because Im working for the job. Sometime people are silence, they just work and then after their job is done they start to make some noise. Other, They just do nothing but make some noise.