Muscle Relaxant Chlorzoxazone Is Toxic To Human Liver

April 16, 2010 9:14am CST
In Bangkok, the drug Cholozoxazone sold under other trade names Maselax, Chlorzox, Paraflex, Parafon Forte, Farsic, Cezox, MP Fon Forte, Chlorazone, Paxazone Forte, Polyzox, Myora, Falfon, Vorafon, Chlorafon Tablet, Neofon Forte and K Raforte, has been found ineffective and toxic to human liver from recent studies. Thailand health authorities have withdrawn the muscle relaxant and distributed letters to hospitals and pharmacies, drug makers and importers about the revoking of the drug licences if they are found to continue distributing or prescribing or using it. I do not know if any members here are using this muscle relaxant drug and if you do, please discontinue. Take care. Read more:
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