Branded or not?

@iamster (123)
April 16, 2010 11:05am CST
When you are shopping for your clothes are you after the brand or even it doesn't have that big and popular name as long as you are comfortable wearing it? For me it is ok even if my clothes are not branded as long as I can wear it and I'm comfortable with it. But don't get me wrong I also have clothes that are branded however I am also satisfied even if it doesn't from a popular name of clothes. So what is your favorite brand? or if not where do you usually buy your clothes? :)
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@nupur123 (392)
• Hyderabad, India
14 Sep 12
I luv branded clothes as they r more fasionable and trendy. These clothes r costly but they have a long life. I luv brands like mango , levis ete. I also go for nonbranded one .
• Philippines
23 Aug 12
I do not look at brands when i go shopping because I just focus on the design of the clothing. if I like the design then i am going to buy it. i am not design conscious at all. In my opinion, there are department store brands that have the same quality as branded apparel. Happy mylotting.
@Shavkat (67076)
• Philippines
11 Aug 12
I don't go for a trendy clothes, I used and buy clothes that is comfortable to wear. I don't want to be common to look at. I don't go for brands or signatured clothes, I go for clothings with quality.
• United States
26 Apr 10
The only clothing that I go for name brand is jeans, shoes and occasionally shirts. Normally I just wear single colored solid shirts with BKE jeans and shox or pumas. But then again it also depends on price as well.
• Indonesia
21 Apr 10
Well, I don't really care about brand, to be honest. I choose clothes based on the material, the style and comfort. That's all that matter to me. But unfortunately, clothes that meet all the requirements are the branded ones. If they meet my standard, I don't mind paying extra money for it. But, if I can have them with cheaper price, then it's a good deal! I don't have favorite brand, I buy clothes that I like, whatever the brands are. I usually buy clothes at the mall.
@cbeee3 (2064)
• India
19 Apr 10
I have my share of A & F, GAP, Nike and Allen Solley, but I am not all into brands. I too am similar to you. I have my share of branded clothes, but I look for comfort more than anything, while I shop for them. They need to have a good cut, fit well and be comfortable. I don't blindly go for clothes that just look good are branded and will then remain in my wardrobe forever. .I think it is more practical that way. Hope you have a great day!
• Philippines
17 Apr 10
i'm not really brand conscious rather materials and make conscious. the clothes also have to be comfortable to wear. i basically shop anywhere, everywhere. as long as it fits my taste. but with shoes, i do have a favorite brand.
16 Apr 10
To be honest I refuse to be a slave to fashion and the designer label brands. I much prefer to get clothes that fit well, are comfortable and a sensible price. Some of my favourite clothes were bought from a market stall - lol
@pratheep87 (1228)
• India
16 Apr 10
Sometime i go for branded but most shirt i have are not brand. I have some branded shirts to be wore in parties and function. But in case of jeans i go for branded only.
• United States
16 Apr 10
My daughter is doing the holister thing now. So I shop the clearance rack and gt great stuff. I also buy aeropostale on the clearance rack and load up. I buy from tj max to get great bargains as well. It all looks branded for my daughter. For me I don't care about the name as long as it will not shrink once washed.
@chillpill90 (1937)
16 Apr 10
For me i do not care about brands at all i will buy what i like and if a t-shirt or jeans are cheaper as there not branded il go for them. A brand name does not add anything special to the clothes. I buy my clothes from anywhere really, Tesco, Asda, peacocks, primark anywhere and everywhere.