Do you prefer to spend your time with your family or friends?

@mokkka (883)
April 16, 2010 4:00pm CST
I sometimes feel a bit sad for my parents as they call me and say they now feel lonely but I am a student and my university is far from my hometown.When I came here I dodn't have many friends but not 3 years later I go back home really rare because I feel I got just one more year with these people and prefer make the best out of it.
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@mezulu (166)
• United States
16 Apr 10
To me, family is the most important thing in life. Now that I'm out of my mom's house and living on my own, however, it gets difficult to spend even remotely as much time with my family as I did before I moved out. I do my best to visit them as often as possible, especially my 4 year old nephew. He really misses me sometimes, or so I am told by my sister. I think that all of us need to spend at least a few minutes a day reflecting on the importance of family. They are people who will love you unconditionally; always be there to help you through the hard times; stand by your side when you need them; call you when you are lonely; feed you when you are hungry; shelter you when you have nowhere to go; and care for you like no one else in this world can. Family is drastically important to the healthy state of the human mind. A network of support and love, family must be held above all else as our most prized possessions.
17 Apr 10
yes dear. you said it so right! I agree with you. Our parents and our siblings are the only human beings who will be there for us anywhere, anytime. If you really would want to spend some time with your friends, then, time management is the key. Try to balance everything. Also, we have to learn to spend quality time with the people we love. Even if we go home to our family but we spend this sleeping, then, there's no use. lol!!!
@youless (94407)
• Guangzhou, China
27 Apr 10
Although family and friends are both important for me, but my family is still much more important. Family always goes first for me. So I prefer to spend more time with my family rather than my friends. I love China