April 16, 2010 10:27pm CST
How can we say that we are already successful? I'm already 24. I'll already have job, i'm happy with my boyfriend. my family and friends. I have a strong belief in God. But why there's is still a part of me that is empty and unknown? Could you please help me find out what is this part of "who i am"?
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@besthope44 (12145)
• India
6 Jul 10
Well it means you still have some goals in life that makes you seem empty. Rather than asking out, try to find it inner. You will surely get the answer.
• Philippines
26 Apr 10
if you reached your goal in life and be contented with the life you have, then now you could say that your one of those successful person in life, but man is said to be not contented of what he have. He is finding way on how to be top among top, successful among successful but there are counted person who knows how to appreciate every single success in life., people who is thankful of what they have.
@reckon21 (3486)
• Philippines
26 Apr 10
Hi there...your post really baffled me. Because you had written here that you almost have everything in this life and that makes me think hard what is wrong with your life because you still felt emptiness. I think it's maybe because you still have things that you want to do yet you never tried. Maybe you have to get out from that sheltered and perfect life you had and experienced something different and out of this world. I think you need to spice up your life and make it more interesting and exciting. I'm not saying your life is boring. It's just taht you are not yet satisfied with everything around you. Your subsconcious is not full yet it is looking for something. And you must discover whta's that emptiness is all about. You are the only one who can help yourself.
• India
26 Apr 10
failure is the piller of sucess.failure is the result of our lack of knowledge,experince and many many factors.may be unprdictable.paticipation of different persons compelled us to think and reshapethe event. * dont be the football of all public openions.a little awarness is required throughout life. *lot of efforts are made to prepare milkshake.or fruitsald.this is sucess.but to fail it & to make it useless only one dropp of lemon juice if dropped in it is more than enough.with a great pleasure ,i declare,if i m given a platform,to motivate ,and flush ,failures,all participatents will be cheered for the secured sucess.........ol d best...
25 Apr 10
well..we all have our own interpretation of success in our lives..most of the time it is when you reach your dreams or goals in life..but if your still longing or feeling that it's not enough..then explore yourself more..meditate for what you want to do..think of what other things can make you more happy in your recent is always a choice..and also as we grow old our goals are evolving and being deeper..for example.. when you was still a kid or teenager..your goal is to finish you studies.. when you already finish your studies..your goal is to help your family.. when you do much to your family..your goal now is to start your own family.. and as you start your own family..your goal is to make your sons and daughter successful in their lives.. (this was just examples of a normal cycle of goals in life.. :]]) see..for me goals and dreams can make a good basis for ones success.. :))
@haimeng (33)
• China
23 Apr 10
No one can answer this question for you, as you are the only person who knows. I also always feel empty and don't know who I am. I don't have a job, no boyfriend. From this point, my life is miserable. I guess we have to use the whole life to find who we are and maybe before we die, we would suddenly know what's happiness.
@eil_noz (963)
• Philippines
17 Apr 10
Have you read the book "Purpose of Life" already by Rick Warren? Almost all of us felt this. In that book, there's this statement or the idea that to have a more meaningful and unempty lifestyle is to enjoy life more. Do something good for the people you care and even to people that you don't know but needs help. To be successful is when you already fulfilled God's plan for you
@dfollin (13184)
• United States
17 Apr 10
I think that being successful is a person choice and opinion.If you feel that you are successful at whatever that you care about in life,then you are successful.Society seems to think at it as if you make a lot of money,drive a fancy car and have a big,fancy house then you are successful.In my opinion the successful equals being happy.If you are happy with your lifestyle,people in your life and materialistic items in your life,then your successful.If you are not a materialistic person or a people person then you need to decide what makes you happy and get it for your success label.