Sharing secrets

April 17, 2010 2:08am CST
If u could share any of ur secrets with me.. which secret would u share? I have shared a lot of my secrets here through various topics of discussion. U can be honest enough even if u dont wish to share. Hoping to hear from u all. Happy mulotting. :)
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@RachelleNH (1408)
• United States
17 Apr 10
Hmmm, I usually don't have secrets from anyone. I guess the only thing I try to hide (and not really even hide more like cope with) is my loneliness these days-and I'm mostly to blame for that because I'm not looking or even trying to meet anyone. I come here and enjoy a laugh or two :)
• India
18 Apr 10
Dearest Rachelle...i am glad that u have been honest enough to disclose ur secret to me. I complete agree and understand as how painful is life alone. But have u ever tried to see from ur daughters view. She is growing up without her father. A child needs both a mother as well a father, though u might be much more than both at the moment. I respect and appreciate every bit u r doing and have been doing for ur child. Its not so easy to raise kids without ur counterpart. I wont blame u for not having tried looking for anyone else, because thats not an easy part. See my suggestion to u would be...take time and think of everything. Then only take a decision further. But yes u can try having a few frinds and try being with them more so that u dont feel the pains of lonliness. And once again as an offer of friendship i am always there with u. U can feel free to talk to me as much as u wish and any time. I will try my best to see that u r able walk away from ur lonliness atleast by a few inches. I guess thats whats friendship isnt it. See when i was lonely and hurt i got u beside me and now as u r hurt i wish to be beside u. Mylot is an awesome place.Be here and ofcourse once again my mail ID is U can drop in a mail at anytime. I will surely reply back. Happy weekend.
@Sbates (5)
• United States
22 May 10
Try looking on People post their anonymous secrets and you can comment and vote on them.
• India
4 Jun 10
Hey thanks!!! I will checkout the site. :}
@tigeraunt (6331)
• Philippines
18 Apr 10
dear hollowheart, if i share it with you, then it will no longer be a secret. have a great day my friend. ann
• India
18 Apr 10
Thats true Ann. Hope u are having a dood weekend. Take care. Hope to hear from u soon. Will try to post some more discussions too