wrestlemania 26

April 17, 2010 12:21pm CST
undertaker win 18 matches in wm....
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• Philippines
25 May 10
It seems WWE is trying to make Undertaker the major highlight of WWE to which I would agree. He's one of the few superstars nowadays that keep WWE as exciting as it was before. Only a few of them has carried WWE to its ratings and popularity, in the likes of Kane, Big Show, Mysterio, Triple H, Randy Orton, RVD, Edge, Chris Jericho.. But what i don't like is how WWE is presenting Cena as some "righteous" character as if always the hero and would always be on the good side. Why not make Cena the Villain to draw the audience attention why Cena became a villain..
16 May 10
well, I was not surprised at all knowing that The Undertaker, once again, crowned so high at Wrestlemania... Sometimes, WWE's storyline is very easy to be read! Back a little bit to the history, The Undertaker has been holding a very massive title 'UNDEFEATED' for every single match he had at Wrestlemania! Based on this fact, yet story plot, I would never think that WWE 'has heart' to give The Undertaker 17-1... I would guess that WWE would like to keep The Undertaker as the only phenom they have...
• Australia
22 Apr 10
Yes he did. He is still undefeated at wrestlemania and that is the way it should and I hope it stays. I hope he gets to twenty then maybe he might be thinking about retirement.