The sad flight of Philippines Sports in youth development: Solution/s anyone?

April 18, 2010 12:52am CST
As a Filipino, I just can't help but feel bad about the very minimal attention sports development is actually getting from the government. Drug addiction and other related problems which affect mostly the youth in society are on the rise. The government is having a difficult time trying to eliminate this problems or finding solutions. Why? there are no productive endeavors that the youth can engage in during their spare time.The government has overlooked the importance of sports development among the youth so that they will be busy with their favorite sports activities than engage in undesirable habits that later would grow into uncontrollable and illegal activities. Sports development, I believe, is one solution that the government should look into so as to develop the youth into responsible citizens. Sports program should be made and long term planning done in order to achieve the objective of transforming the youth into productive individuals. There are many promising and skillful athletes waiting to be discovered. They are the source of the country's pride and glory in the future. They must be discovered and trained so they can represent the country in athletic competitions. Sports related activities should be initiated by the government to keep the youth busy during their vacation and in order for them to avoid the temptation of undesirable vices. Sports camp, whatever sports it may be, is a good activity for the youth. Government should tap this. Nowadays, sports camp is done for business purposes whose primary aim is to earn. The government should develop a program where the local government will conduct free sports camp during summer vacation. Even out-of-school youths should be encourage to participate in this activity. The success of such endeavor is dependent on the support of the government and its willingness to be actively involve in youth development through sports.
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