Should I Really Feel Guilty?

April 18, 2010 8:53am CST
You might think why this discussion is listed under this category but I feel this is its rightful place. Now my problem is whether I should feel guilty or not about this: I found an interesting way to earn money while I was surfing 2 days back. So I researched a bit about that site and found out that it was a good paying site and its business model was good. Its founder was also featured on tv and internet shows for the unique idea. Now I joined this site and then wanted to make friends(its a social networking site) so I sent information regarding this site along with the link to join, to some of my friends in mylot. It was only to friends who had make money, make extra money, etc as their interests. But now I ma feeling as if I sent spam as I didnt get any responses to most of them. I am feeling as if those friends are thinking I am just a heartless creature spamming around. I am literally being torn apart by this. Could you please advice me. Sorry for the long post. Just wanted to make everything clear. This is the message I sent them: I just found a new way to earn. It is called ************. It is a site that is a mixture of social networking and completing offers(more of social networking)and receiving ads. You get money for just logging in, seeing your mails(your personal mails and myspace, twitter, facebook etc can be integrated and you earn for checking your personal mail and for using the other sites from ************) and also IM from gtalk, yahoo etc from inside it. It also has a referral system. You can sign in here:************
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@CJscott (4184)
• Canada
18 Apr 10
You should not feel guilty. You shared something you believe it. You told us, what it was. Some of us were interested, others were not, and still others wanted more information. What do you like most about peoplestring? I personally have not looked seriously into it. With Appreciation.
@smileonstar (4013)
• United States
18 Apr 10
HI, I think you shouldn't feel guilty about it. As you know, a lot of people here are trying to send everyone on their list to get them sign up under them and they make money off from that and a lot of friends will ignore it. If this site is really work out for you and no one seem to be ignore, then you dont have to tell them next time. it is hard to make someone do what you think is right for them... so keep on working on what you think is the best for you and if one day, someone ask you for it then you can give them. And it might be the best for you this way... just like me, I used to work on many good sites but I dont tell until someone really suffer for it. Hope you feel better... another thing, a lot of people will not check their email everyday and plus if when it comes too many then im sure they will delete all, and it included your in there