finally its close now

@sunil_008 (1270)
April 18, 2010 1:37pm CST
hi all my friend is getting divorce it's just a matter of few hours now. he will be set free from a tortorous unspoken relationship which unfortunately lasted for 8 years. then you must be wondering if its really a painful one then why didn't they took the divorce before.the only reason that my friend told me is that his wife needed regular heart chek ups which her medical insurance company is not covering up...well so for my friend it s more than love to do with social service for the last few years now. but now as they thinki that she doesn't need the regular heart check ups now. so they filled for divorce . and in a few hours they are getting it on medical isn't that great news ... have you or anyone here got divorce and so how do you feel? please share your optimistic thoughts only...
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