PTC - 2 down, 1 Paid. Weekly review.

@petersum (4525)
United States
April 18, 2010 3:33pm CST
This week saw two PTC's crash for me. Thank God, I got paid by another. It is enough to drive anyone crazy. I really don't know why we all waste our time just for a couple of cents. The gory details - Huebux and MagicalPTC both disappeared although it is just possible, although unlikely, that magicalPTC may re-appear sometime. HumptyDumpty paid me - this is a fairly unheard of ptc that doesn't earn you much, but they clearly pay which is the main thing. See my profile. Also, there were some scares this week too. Gagabux suddenly had a shortage of ads one day, Adptc still isn't working properly, and pplinx has got so slow combined with less ads. All of these could go belly up any time. The latest one, Gptcash, is just a joke. Nothing works right! You can't even register on the forum and there's only one ad today. It is funny in a sick way how we follow these idiots.
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