@Skshan (771)
November 16, 2006 6:06am CST
I .....not always
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@cigano (1277)
• Nigeria
22 Nov 06
No.. No one does!! Someone that say yes, is lying.... PS- everyone that posts in my discussions is rated!!
@cielo05 (597)
• Philippines
21 Nov 06
Most of the time.
@Sorathian (4330)
• Pakistan
16 Nov 06
I Always Lie :d
@alienstar (5140)
• India
16 Nov 06
Now, you are speaking truth saying "you are not alway's speaking truth" everybody has to lie one or the other cannot find aperson who doesn't talk lies...and if some one say's that he doesn't lie alos, you don't believe him...this is life...this truth...see i ma talking truth now..isn't it?
@macubx (11422)
• Philippines
16 Nov 06
nope, i always lie..
16 Nov 06
I cannot but speak the truth. I can't lie (well I could but I'd feel so horrible afterwards that I would have to tell the truth).