Should parents set a curfew for their kids?

April 19, 2010 2:39am CST
It is that phase of teenagers particularly to be making new friends and hanging out with peers becomes a natural thing to do. The close bonding amongst friends at this particular age group seems to be stronger than suepr glue. Teenagers will most of the times prefer to hang out with their friends and making them come home before 10pm (before the party even gets started) inevitably invites much resist from them. However parents being parents are surely concerned about their children's whereabouts and if they are in good company despite their children already in their teenage years. Should parents give their kids a bit of leeway as to what time they should come home rather than imposing a strict curfew and must have them home by a certain timing? Or should parents be firm about what time their kids should be home by?
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@acey76 (1278)
• Philippines
19 Apr 10
Its a yes, parents has to set curfew to their kids, now a days kids are too curious that they don't know what would we the result of their explorations. A curfew must be set for them to understand that they have a guidelines or limitations that they will follow for their own good.
• Singapore
19 Apr 10
Of course I cant agree more with you on the importance of a curfew to prevent kids from hanging out too late with their friends. But more often than not these teenagers are usually against the idea of having to come home at a certain timing. PErhaps a mutual agreement should be set between parents and kids to ensure a better communication??