How much productive work you have done using internet ?

April 19, 2010 3:18am CST
All of us have computers in our hands along with internet connectivity. It is meant for less amusement and more knowledge. But these days people are using internet for less productive work and more amusement purpose. Do you also among them? Are you one of them who find everything educational on the internet.
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@Edzornam (138)
• Ghana
22 Apr 10
My job circled around the net. I use the internet vastly almost all time in the office for productive work. Beside I also have fun, facebook, mylot and other twiter-tweet online. I love it and I use it!!!
@ztobias (21)
• China
21 Apr 10
i used to confused how to find my favorite books, but now i have to say the internet contains many books that i would like to read is much more than i thought. Especially some ancient scriptures, which one can hardly find in bookstores.On the other hand, i also using the internet to play some games, it is a good way to kill time, i should say. but more than that, it's indeed a kind of way that help me enrich my knowledges.
• United States
20 Apr 10
Yes, I feel without Internet I would have been really sitting without any knowledge of what is around me. I read a lot and Internet seems to provide me things that I always wanted to know. Also, this has allowed me to earn some money by joining writing sites and so on. Of course, without it I wouldn't have been at Mylot either. So thanks to the people who came up with this good technology.
@megamatt (14326)
• United States
19 Apr 10
I say that a good amount of my time is regarding productive work as opposed to my own entertainment. As for the exact amount of that work, it is really hard to say. I mean, there are times where I do tend to have a bit more time for amusement and then there are times where I have hardly any time to really enjoy the fun things on the Internet. I would have to say about sixty to seventy percent of the time that I spent on the Internet is regarding productive work. That number tends to fluctuate quite a bit from time to time. There are times where I spend a lot more. For instance, if I have an important project for school, I may be spending quite a bit of time researching that. So there is not that much time for entertainment. Of course, not everything on the Internet is educational. Granted, many things are, as there are times where I think we are educated and are unaware of it. Even if we think we might be using the Internet for casual use, we might be learning something. Without even knowing we are being educated. So yeah, while not everything is educational for me, in fact there are times where I make a point of doing things where it will learn nothing, I do agree that a great deal of the time spent on the Internet is in fact under that category.
• India
19 Apr 10
I used to first check my mails. if there are any messages from my friends. i will respond to them and then for sending any important messages will convey them and then work for sometime using internet. This not only refreshes me but also keep my updated with the latest news.
@zim1fW (286)
• Philippines
19 Apr 10
In my line of work, internet is my ultimate resource for information. I usually perform an average of 6 hours productive work daily using the internet.
@kar295rocks (2119)
• India
19 Apr 10
Basically, I was dependent on the internet for my projects, assignments and my study purpose. I still use the internet for those and then, I use internet for learning for my quizzes!! Also, I am currently using the internet for earning online as it is my holidays.