How many hours do you usually sleep?

April 19, 2010 6:10am CST
The doctors say that as you grow older, the less sleep you need. I personally sleep 6-10 hrs depending on the date, occasion, season. How long do you usually sleep?
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• Philippines
22 Apr 10
mostly i sleep 4-8 hours but sometimes i sleep at least 5 hours only because of my daughter.
@ivansama (761)
• Bulgaria
20 Apr 10
haha is that a trick question. l sleep most of the time XD l love sleeping it's one of the few pleasures of life. l get well over 12 hours really. as far as getting older and sleeping less. l'm not feeling anything like that. As a matter of fact it's absolutely the opposite with me
• United States
19 Apr 10
I am good with 5-6 hours of sleep. If I ever sleep more than 8 hours I feel very tired the next day and very lazy. When I was a teenager I use to sleep around 2-3 each night and then once every two weeks I would crash and sleep all day. If it is gloomy outside I do sometimes end up taking a nap if I am home. I like sleep but it seems like I do not need much of it.
@mjanakha (479)
• United Arab Emirates
19 Apr 10
6 hours of sleep is necessary for a person who is not working(between age 15-45). Below 15 and above 45 minimum 8 hours of sleep is necessary. Also for those people who do exercise very hardly, work hardly(burn their calories very fast) must have 8 hours of sleep. Tensed persons, patients, and old people must sleep more. Sleep gives you a healthy day.
@rene12 (797)
• Philippines
19 Apr 10
When it is school days, I probably sleep around 5 to 6 hours everyday but when it is summer, I can sleep irregularly as much as I want. I really like sleeping every afternoon which helps me not to get sleepy at night :D