do you have an irritating or annoying experience in using your credit card?

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April 19, 2010 10:58am CST
The lady in front of me used credit card to pay her shopping items... The cashier successfully process the payment and gave the receipt and charge slip to the bagger. The bagger then gave the charge slip to the customer for signature... The lady signed the charge slip and gave it back to the bagger. Bagger looked and stared at the charge slip for more than 30 seconds I guess... Then asked for some identification card. The customer didn't mind and gave her passport to the bagger but the bagger still stared at the passport and signature in the charge slip for more than 30 secs again... then the customer started to look a little annoyed... She asked, " do you want another ID???" She sarcastically asked... Then the bagger handed the receipt, credit card and passport to the lady instantly and said... Just for your security mam... You know whats funny??? The lady just bought less than 500 pesos (philippine currency) or less than 10 USD dollars. I heard her accompany asked "what happened?". I heard the lady too said, "I don't know about that bagger... I am buying just this and he acted as if I am buying thousands... I am always using credit card, whatever amount, and this is the first time it happened to me! My gosh!!!" Well I think if I am in her shoes, I would feel the same too... Imagine I have given him my ID already... And to think what she gave is her passport and the bagger look at it like suspicious or something... and take note, for that small amount??? What is wrong with that guy??? The cashier lady became curious too and I saw her simple glance at the customer's passport. The lady while waiting for her credit card, receipt and passport, left her wallet open which made me see that she has lots of credit cards... from different credit card companies... For me it is okay to ask for an ID but I think the bagger should not you know stare at that for so long... What? does he wants birth certificate newly authenticated aside from the id presented??? And for that small amount??? I find it really weird! I bought a refrigerator few months ago with my credit card too. And unfortunately I don't have any Id with me that time for I changed my bag and left it accidentally. I just told the cashier to call the credit card company for verification. And thats what they did... They called and let me talked then the transaction was approved after answering security questions... How would you feel if you are in that customers shoes? Would you feel the same? And look annoyed? Do you think the bagger just did the right thing? Or he exagerated the process??? For me it was an exageration... Do you have any experience just like this or something similar to this? What did you do?
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• United States
19 Apr 10
Sometimes I think credit cards are too much work but I think the good outweighs the bad in my case. The most annoying experience i've had while using a credit card was when I was at a clothing store buying $20.00 worth of clothes and my debit card was denied (after waiting in line for oh about an hour). I had just checked my balance before I left so I knew I had more than enough money to cover the charges so I was so confused and embarrassed when I left the store. Minutes after I had a call from my bank, saying there were suspicious charges to my account so they disabled it until they talked to me. I am glad they are trying to look after me but the suspicious activity was me going to a different town and buying clothes! Oh well, it all worked out in the end. I probably didn't need those clothes anyways. :)