credit/debit card being misused

April 19, 2010 4:32pm CST
hey people..ever had your debit or credit card stolen and misused? did you manage to get it back intact? if something was stolen did you get it back? i've had my debit card kinda stolen and misused and guess what, not only did i get my card back, i got back all the money that was taken from it, the very next day. being the absense minded person that i am, i left my card in the atm machine and the guy who was behind me, got hold of it and immmediately swiped the card and emptied the balance in a scan of 2hours. only after two hours did i realise my card was missing and i called and had it cancelled. through the bank, i found out about the last few transactions and then whent to the shops where my card was swiped. the guy who stole my card, went to a jewelery store but the shop owner was sucpicious of him and asked him for id proof. he said he would get it so that store owner took down his cellphone number. when i contacted the store and told them about my card being misused, the gave me his number and that's how my frineds and me got in touch with the thief and threatened him. since he was a student, he didn't want a black mark on his record. so he gave me back my card and the whole amount that he spent and i didn't press charges. sounds a little too filmy right? but believe me its real and happened. if some one else had to tell me this story i would have laughed on their face. what about you? had similar experiences?
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