(; DISC 2:) Are you prepared for the end of the world?

April 19, 2010 6:56pm CST
Global warming, Climate change, Earthquakes, massive floods, El Niño, La Niña, Hurricanes, Storms, heat wave, acid rain, and other catastrophic events that had occurred and will occur are just signs of tomorrow's end. There are movies that give us ample information on what would happen on the end of days. None of us are sure on which of those movies will come to realize, whether there will be a an alien invasion, war against countries, war against robots, a simple earthquake, or even a prophecy from a tribe, prophet, book. Many people are affected by this kind of reality which some would just deny the fact that some of the early predictions are happening like dominoes. Some are seemed to prepared but afraid of what will happen. Others, give more time on their respective religions just to take time in accepting the idea of apocalypse. Are you prepared? or Are you afraid?
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@lhsy2k (227)
• United States
20 Apr 10
I don't believe the doomsayers. The earth goes through changes, that's what it does. That's what it has always done. Ever heard of an ice age? There's some climate change for you. All of the other natural disasters you named are also nothing new to Earth. 2012 or whatever other doomsday date the quacks want to come up with next, will come and pass like those before it.
• Bulgaria
20 Apr 10
I am not afraid of the end of the world. Sooner or later someone will have to see It. I don't mind to be our generation, but I am not sure that all you said about earthquakes, floods, storms, volcanoes activity are "signs" for the end of the world or something like this. They are natural processes of the earth and barely end will come from them.