Do you use a thread instead of the dental floss,when not available?

April 19, 2010 11:19pm CST
I am very particular with my dental hygiene,that is why I always bring out my dental floss in my clutch bag,with that I also bring some some scissor,needle,a thread,and a nail cutter,so that wherever I go,I have some sort of relief like a whole in my trousers or a cut in my shirt,that I can fix it right away without the help of others,and I can go right away to my business.One day,as I finished my lunch,I notice that I forgot to bring my dental floss,so to make things working,I just use the thread to make my teeth clean.I it sounds weird,but I have no other choice,but to use the thread,then some toothbrush and go to my work.
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