Why is it so hard to say NO?

@a2beads (100)
April 20, 2010 6:22am CST
Yes, No. It seems easy to say but when a situation arises specially when loved ones or superiors are concerned saying No seems more difficult as it seems. At work when our boss ask us to do something and we feel tired we cannot say no. When our parents ask us to do some chores or gives us advise, it's hard to say no. When we're on a diet and we're craving for something, it's hard to say no. When we should study instead of going out, it's hard to say no to our friends. Everyday we encounter Yes or No situation and we always end up saying Why is it so hard to say No?
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@didi13 (2927)
• Romania
8 May 11
I think that the unmet need for love can not force us to say NO. We leave the gate open for consideration for a compliment for what could convince us that we deserve to be loved. The moment when we are convinced of this and the tank will be full of love we can say no without remorse and without fear we will lose the love of others. After all, nobody loves you because you have not declined in some circumstances but, in the best case he feels indebted. But that has nothing to do with love and not by withholding what we are looking to say NO. Learning to say NO, however, believe that we're still surrounded by people who truly love us, and we can observe the decisions.
@kaka135 (14068)
• Malaysia
20 Apr 10
I used to find it difficult to say NO, as I tried to be nice to others and not to turn down everyone. But, it's hard to please everyone, and when you are trying to please others, you might make yourself unhappy. I just think that when it's the situation we should say No, then we should just say it. Especially when at work, if the request by the boss is not practical or logical, then we should really say NO. I think we are hired not as a machine or operator, but as someone that can give opinions or suggestions to the boss too. I just find that as you grow older, you may find it easier to say NO, as we get to understand the situation and try to stand on our points, instead of just following what others said though we think it's not right.